2 Dimensional

The “Interrupted Rainbows” painted in acrylic are whimsically based on impossible optics. I mix up the rainbow waves into arcs, skewed partial arcs, spirals and splashes. Each is an original (without copies) painted on acid free watercolor paper up to 18 x 24" for arcs and 18" square for spiral (could be on a wall [arc or "splashed"] with price appropriate to location and size).

Each rendering of “Abstract Flowers” is an original without copies. Quantity and orientation of flowers is determined by size and placement...can be on a wall or screen door with interior house paint. Each rendering has a color scheme that you can choose: yellow/blues, yellow/oranges, oranges, rosy reds, brick reds, blue/yellows, blue/oranges or violets. Flower style is: spikey, feathered, bulbous or ruffled. Pictures are only samples and not exactly what you would receive…it will be a surprise!

Interrupted Rainbows and Abstract Flowers

Please have patience with photo slider (black bar), it takes a bit to open.

All rainbows and flowers are custom ordered on acid free watercolor paper or painted on screen material the size you need or painted on your premises.